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Brexiter – noun


Trump and the Tory Brexiters are cut from the same cloth. They're anti an establishment that limits and contains them.

Here’s how to argue with a Brexiter – and win.

Brexiter Boris Johnson [the mayor of London] says we have been ‘infantilised’ by Brussels.


First came Grexit, the ugly blend of Greece (or Greek) and exit coined to express the possibility that Greece might be forced to leave the EU as a result of the financial crisis. Then came Brexit, used to describe the possibility that the UK might do the same. Now, with the campaign well underway for the June referendum which will decide whether Britain stays in the EU or leaves, we have the even more unappealing term Brexiter, which someone has seen fit to invent in order to refer to those who believe that the UK would be better off outside the Union.




Grexit appeared in 2012, soon followed by Brexit (and various other similar combinations). And there it stayed until the EU referendum was announced in February, at which point Brexiter seems to have sprung into existence in the media, rapidly overtaking Outer as the term of choice for describing those who are urging people to Vote Leave. It is formed by the simple expedient of adding the suffix –er to the word Brexit.

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