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slider – noun

The saucy meatball sliders ($15) at this tiny West Village perch are famous.

Made with quality ingredients the slider or mini burger is a delicious alternative to fast food.

The slider bun is ... flat on top, uniform in size from top to bottom, and much easier to fit in your mouth.

To serve, fill the slider buns with pork and top with sweet pickles.


Slider is a word that has many meanings, from literal and physical ones (a person or thing that slides) to more specialized terms used in baseball and computing. It is the name for a type of shoe with a strap across the front and no back, and is also the familiar name for a species of terrapin found in the US. Another meaning, also originally from the US, has become more familiar in British English too in recent years. A slider is a very small meat sandwich served on a bread roll, also called a slider or slider bun. This is a soft, small, slightly sweet bread roll, and in addition to small burgers it can be used to hold other meat, especially pulled pork, or indeed any other savoury (or even sweet) food that takes your fancy.


Browsing the OED entry for slider I came across yet another meaning that I had forgotten about. A slider is a small block of ice cream – always vanilla – held between two wafers and eaten like a sandwich, an alternative to the cornet where a scoop of ice cream is licked from an edible cone. I haven't seen, let alone eaten one for decades, but the word immediately conjured up the smells and tastes of the long, hot summers of my childhood.




Slider is a comparatively old word, first used in English in the early 16th century to mean a skater.


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