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plogging – noun U

plogger – noun

While you might love the comfort and safety of hygge, prepare yourself for something a little more active – plogging.

“It’s good for both the environment and ourselves,” says Anna Christopherson, the 43-year-old Swede who runs Edinburgh’s first plogging group.

A passing walking tour gives us some confused looks, but we ploggers carry on regardless.


Just over a year ago we looked at the vogue for hygge, a word and concept of Danish origin that struck a chord with many in the UK. This week's term is also inspired by Scandinavia but requires a lot more energy than cosying up by an open fire with a mug of hot chocolate. In fact plogging is almost too virtuous, combining as it does self-improvement and social responsibility. The activity, recently imported from Sweden, involves picking up litter while jogging, thus boosting your own fitness while improving the environment. Plogging also chimes in with recent heightened concern about the quantity of plastic that it is finding its way not only into landfill but into the oceans. Plogging is popular with groups and you can see why; while stopping to pick up litter when jogging on your own might look eccentric, doing it with likeminded others could even be fun, which probably helps to explain why the practice is spreading rapidly both here, in the US and elsewhere.




Plogging is a very new import from Sweden, where the sport began. The word is a blend of jogging and the Swedish ‘plocka upp’, meaning ‘pick up’.


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