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hatstand, hat stand – adjective

This man is incredibly funny as well as being completely hatstand.

The cut scenes are still hatstand mad and the presentation is still wonderfully quirky.

The City crowd had now gone totally hatstand with the rapture.


You might think that English with its rich treasure trove of slang would have enough different words meaning 'crazy'. You would be wrong. Sometimes people feel the need to invent a new one, and hatstand is an example of this.


Although few people wear hats these day, a hatstand is still a familiar object in many homes since it can be used for items such as coats, jackets, umbrellas, etc. But you might well wonder what this useful domestic object has to do with being crazy.


The answer is, strictly speaking*, nothing. The use of the noun hatstand as an adjective to refer to someone behaving in a noticeably crazy manner seems to have appeared out of nowhere in the UK satirical magazine Viz and to have caught on among readers of that publication. I've never heard it used but it pops up occasionally in writing on different subjects, as shown in the examples above.


*The reason I say 'strictly speaking' is because there is an association between hats or hatters and madness (think of the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland) so it's just possible that the person who coined the term had this subconscious connection in mind.




The first citation of this use of hatstand in the Oxford English Dictionary comes from the June 19 1987 edition of Viz.


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